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EIN GEDI (sometimes EN GEDI)

Ein Gedi ("spring of the kid or goat") is a most beautiful setting. It is an oasis beside the Dead Sea. This is where David hid out from King Saul as described in I Samuel 23 & 24. It was a common place where fugitives often hid. There are sharp flat-faced cliffs sprinkled with caves and dens. There is a year-round waterfall, and the stream which issues forth is known as "Davidís Fountain." The fruitful vineyards and the beautiful growth of En Gedi are praised in Song of Solomon 1:14. Copper and ivory ritual artifacts dating back 5,000 years have been found in this area. There are palm trees and high grass as a result of the stream coming from the waterfall. David cut off a piece of Saulís garment, while the king was unaware, to prove his loyalty to the king showing that he had no interest in taking Saulís life. Mountain goats are a common sight around the area of En Gedi. It lies southeast of Jerusalem some 35 miles. The Amorites had lived here in the time of Abraham. Its mention is scattered throughout the Old Testament.